Back in 1994 our company president was hired to work on an integration project. With no spec the only option was to put a physical wire tap on a cable between two machines to reverse engineer the then 20 year old API.

Things have changed considerably since then and JSON, XML, SOAP and REST are the new tools for the integration architect. The constant though is the need to leverage IT investment over long periods. As new technologies are brought into your infrastructure, how are you going to manage integrating those legacy systems?

When faced with a project proposal to implement a new solution, how are you going to integrate to that application that has been the corporate workhorse for 20 years?

We are experts in the tools and technologies necessary to connect applications seamlessly. As early adopotors of Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), we recognized the benefits to organizations of being able to reconsume discrete application services. With the advent of mobile devices and the explosion of related applciations, this has become a mission critical consideration.

If you have a square peg and a round hole, let us build an adaptor!

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