In speaking with a number of ice-skating coaches, we realized that for many the only way to track lesson times and invoices was through a combination of spreadhseets, notebooks and paper scraps. We decided that their had to be a better way!

Athlecity puts those lessons on any mobile device allowing coaches to easily track lesson times, invoice and get paid faster and more effectively.

But it goes beyond that by connecting those coaches to the athletes and allowing them to track progression in their sport, competions and results. Athletes and coaches will be able to share videos to review during training. They will be also able to share that progress publically when looking for sponsorhip or to just to keep friends and family updated.

Athlicity is a game changer for coaches in all sports and will be coming in the Fall 2012

Cumulus PMS

In 2013 the way hotels are managed will change with Cumulus PMS. This web and mobile enabled PMS will be offerred as a true Software as a Service solution providing an excellent ROI.

By being a 100% web based and optimized for operation on mobile devices, your staff are liberated from the front desk and able to work with your customers where they are.

We don't just build software, we build products that develop your business

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